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Holiday Recommendations

Apartment Rentals and Hotels in Paris

Having lived as an expat in Paris for the last decade, I often get asked by friends and acquaintances where I would most like to live in the city, and where I would most recommend for visitors coming to stay for either a short- or medium-term trip. Apart from the obvious answer of anywhere in Paris, and stay for as long as you possibly - or even impossibly - can manage, there are certain spots that stand out in this entirely remarkable city; the city of light, the city of romance, or the city of public transport rental bicycles, whatever catches your fancy, really! Where I would live opens up a whole other narrative of services, schools, public transport, and prices per square metre, but when it comes to vacation rental or holidays in Paris hotels then that's a whole other topic.

From the charming historical centre of the Marais, with its winding streets and traditional elements of the old Jewish district that remains to this day and intermingles with the hip crowds and the designer boutiques, to the affluent 16th arrondissement, neighbouring the woodland Bois de Boulogne, the green lungs of Paris and a delightful place to spend a spring or autumn's afternoon strolling, cycling or rowing on the lake - you can be certain to find what you're after, whether it's antique lodgings or spacious luxury with an uninterrupted view of the Eiffel Tower. If you like lively, try the 5th or 6th arrondisements, and have the world of Boulevard Saint German and the Latin Quarter as your backyard. If you opt for the right bank instead of the left, the northern district of Montmartre awaits, with its quaint rues glorified from the days of the artists of old and the films of the present. Follow the tracks of the delightful film Amelie, and there you have a holiday all in itself.

Views from hotels in Paris: Montmartre

Booking accommodation all throughout Europe presents wonderful opportunities to explore the wonders of history. Plus, in a centrally-located hotel or apartment, you can live just like a local - at your own pace, without the bus travel or hectic itinerary, taking in and observing what you want to see and experience, and when. Hotels in Paris are among a host of quality accommodation options, yet there are many more options available online. If you're already living in Europe, the choice is even greater, and cheap airlines combined with good-value accommodation make an unbeatable deal, regardless of whether it's apartments in Prague, chalets in the Alps, or hotels in Rome. Additional information can be found online, in travel supplements of daily newspapers, or in well-known guidebooks like Lonely Planet, a popular series with excellent international coverage.